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Explore Costa Rica

Embark on a new journey and explore the natural wonders that shape Costa Rica’s heritage. From taking on the waves to discovering our surroundings, we offer you the opportunity to create lifelong stories to take home with you and continue to share for years to come.
For those seeking to venture beyond the ordinary, we work with the best adventure guides who can arrange Canopy Tours, Horseback Riding and more. Connect with us to plan activities around your stay.


Free your mind, find your center and live simply. This area of the world has a reputation as one of Central America’s leading yoga Meccas. The soul soothing sights, sounds and ambiance of the jungle landscape act as the perfect catalyst for a deep state of serene awareness.

Hacienda Barrigona offers exceptional outdoor spaces, perfect for practicing Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, meditation or any style of your liking. Those passionate about yoga are welcome to arrange personalized retreats, teacher training or day classes at this calming destination.


From gentle waist high waves to double overhead sets, when it comes to surfing, it’s easy to see why Guanacaste beaches appeal to everyone from novices to seasoned surf enthusiasts. Nearby Nosara ranks as one of the world’s leading surf towns and anyone lucky enough to have caught one of the many superb waves here understands why. Warm, blue water, a friendly line-up and surf-able waves almost 365 days a year make this place a true surfers paradise.

Plan an epic adventure to Hacienda Barrigona with your favorite veteran wave warriors. Or arrange lessons and gear with one of many skilled local instructors who know the ocean like the back of their hands. The sheer range of conditions on a variety of beaches make this the perfect surf getaway spot for those of all levels. Explore some of the best local surf shops and instructors here.


In the Nicoya Peninsula, there is a spectacular environment beneath the ocean surface that few people have the opportunity to experience. Clear water, underwater volcanic formations and unique exotic marine life form the adventure of a diving destination beyond comparison. Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner looking to first start with lessons in a pool, there are options for all levels.


The tropical waters of the Nicoya Peninsula, just off the coast of Hacienda Barrigona offer some of the best sport fishing in the world. Gorgeous weather, calm seas and professional captains with intimate knowledge of the area contribute to this area of the world being one of the best kept secrets. The rich marine life includes blue, black, and striped marlin, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, mahi mahi, snapper and much more.  In order to target large blue water species, big game fisherman must often travel many miles offshore. Here, a short distance from the coastline, sits a deep shelf that attracts all marine species from tiny angelfish to large sailfish and even mighty humpback whales which can often be seen breaching.

Mangrove Paddle

Stand up paddle through the serene waves of the Rio Montana and Rio Nosara, weaving your way through mangrove tunnels and birdsongs to a hidden trail that leads out to Playa Nosara. Crafted for the curious, this peaceful adventure will let you explore the pristine waters of Costa Rica. SUP is a low impact activity that does require a little bit of balance, but is an easy excursion accessible to all ages and athletic levels.


Celebrate With Your Tribe

Make memories with your tribe in our haven of tranquillity. Whether it’s a wedding, reunion, celebration, corporate retreat, team building seminar, yoga retreat, or artist’s camp, Hacienda Barrigona offers a thoughtful place for groups to relax, reconnect and cherish life’s joyful moments.

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